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Sport Court Defense tile - Size 12" x 12" x 1/2"

Defense Tile PDF



Sport Court Response Tile - Size 25cm x 25cm x 12.7mm

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Sport Court Response Maple Select - Size 25cm x 25cm x 12.7mm

Sport Court Response Dark Maple - Size 25cm x 25cm x 12.7mm

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You can have the same Sport Court  flooring for your home that we install

in professional dance studios and gyms.


Many of our customers have children that attend dance classes at facilities where our floors are installed. As the kids get older, they want to practice at home on the same type of floor that their dance school uses. Or maybe you want to create your own home gym and exercise area? Sport Court floors are perfect for either application.


Our Response™ & Defense™ floor tiles are very popular for use as dance floors for all types of dance including tap, jazz, hip hop and ballet. Tap dancers especially love the sound our floors give them as they dance. The floor simply snaps together and can be placed directly over existing thin carpet, hardwood floors, or concrete. The same tiles can be used for home gyms and exercises rooms. The tiles are easily installed by anyone in only a few hours for a large area... which saves YOU money!

Our internationally patented design reduces lateral trauma on stops, starts and jumps and helps reduce injuries to ankles, knees, lower back and shins. No other modular floor system offers this level of comfort and protection from injury. It's no mystery why many pro athletes have Sport Court floors in their own homes. Sport Court floors are the only floors that are used and endorsed by almost every major sports organization in the world.


Garage Dance Studio, Calgary, Alberta - 2011

Sport Court Garage dance studio, Calgary, AB


You can choose from up to 16 different colours in both our regular Response and Defense tiles.

We also have High Gloss Maple Select and Dark Maple Response tiles.



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Sport Court Dance Floor 1



Sport Court Basement Dance & Exercise Floor



Sport Court Basement Dance Studio



Sport Court Dark Maple Garage Dance Studio



Sport Court Maple Select Home Dance Floor



Sport Court Exercise Floor



Sport Court Basement Badminton Court



Sport Court Exercise Room